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Ed Bueler Cornford et al has Feldmann using PISM
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Ed Bueler Turney et al 2020 appeared PNAS
Line 30: Line 30:
 URL = {https://​​tc-2019-319/​},​ URL = {https://​​tc-2019-319/​},​
 DOI = {10.5194/​tc-2019-319} DOI = {10.5194/​tc-2019-319}
- ​title={Early Last Interglacial ocean warming drove substantial ice mass loss from Antarctica},​ 
- ​JOURNAL = {submitted to Nature Communications},​ 
- ​DOI={10.31223/​​dc8jm},​ 
- ​author={Turney,​ Chris and Fogwill, Christopher and Golledge, Nicholas and McKay, Nicholas and van Sebille, Erik and Jones, Richard and Etheridge, David and Rubino, Mauro and Thornton, David and Davies, Siwan and et al.}, 
- ​year={2018},​ 
 } }
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