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Ed Bueler looks like this is rejected for now ... Beringinan ice sheet?
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Ed Bueler Goelzer accepted at Cryosphere
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 URL = {https://​​tc-2020-50/​},​ URL = {https://​​tc-2020-50/​},​
 DOI = {10.5194/​tc-2020-50} DOI = {10.5194/​tc-2020-50}
-AUTHOR = {Goelzer, H. and Nowicki, S. and Payne, A. and Larour, E. and Seroussi, H. and Lipscomb, W. H. and Gregory, J. and Abe-Ouchi, A. and Shepherd, A. and Simon, E. and Agosta, C. and Alexander, P. and Aschwanden, A. and Barthel, A. and Calov, R. and Chambers, C. and Choi, Y. and Cuzzone, J. and Dumas, C. and Edwards, T. and Felikson, D. and Fettweis, X. and Golledge, N. R. and Greve, R. and Humbert, A. and Huybrechts, P. and Le clec'​h,​ S. and Lee, V. and Leguy, G. and Little, C. and Lowry, D. P. and Morlighem, M. and Nias, I. and Quiquet, A. and R\"​uckamp,​ M. and Schlegel, N.-J. and Slater, D. and Smith, R. and Straneo, F. and Tarasov, L. and van de Wal, R. and van den Broeke, M.}, 
-TITLE = {The future sea-level contribution of the Greenland ice sheet: a multi-model ensemble study of ISMIP6}, 
-JOURNAL = {The Cryosphere Discussions},​ 
-VOLUME = {2020}, 
-YEAR = {2020}, 
-PAGES = {1--43}, 
-URL = {https://​​tc-2019-319/​},​ 
-DOI = {10.5194/​tc-2019-319} 
 } }
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