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 +AUTHOR = {Cornford, S. L. and Seroussi, H. and Asay-Davis, X. S. and Gudmundsson,​ G. H. and Arthern, R. and Borstad, C. and Christmann, J. and Dias dos Santos, T. and Feldmann, J. and Goldberg, D. and Hoffman, M. J. and Humbert, A. and Kleiner, T. and Leguy, G. and Lipscomb, W. H. and Merino, N. and Durand, G. and Morlighem, M. and Polllard, D. and R\"​uckamp,​ M. and Williams, C. R. and Yu, H.},
 +TITLE = {Results of the third Marine Ice Sheet Model Intercomparison Project (MISMIP+)},
 +JOURNAL = {The Cryosphere},​
 +VOLUME = {accepted},
 +YEAR = {2020},
 +URL = {https://​​tc-2019-326/​},​
 +DOI = {10.5194/​tc-2019-326}
 @article{Yanetal2020,​ @article{Yanetal2020,​
 author = "Q. Yan and L. A. Owen and Z. Zhang and N. Jiang and R. Zhang",​ author = "Q. Yan and L. A. Owen and Z. Zhang and N. Jiang and R. Zhang",​
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