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 +AUTHOR = {Goelzer, H. and Nowicki, S. and Edwards, T. and Beckley, M. and Abe-Ouchi, A. and Aschwanden, A. and Calov, R. and Gagliardini,​ O. and Gillet-Chaulet,​ F. and Golledge, N. R. and Gregory, J. and Greve, R. and Humbert, A. and Huybrechts, P. and Kennedy, J. H. and Larour, E. and Lipscomb, W. H. and Le clec'​h,​ S. and Lee, V. and Morlighem, M. and Pattyn, F. and Payne, A. J. and Rodehacke, C. and R\"​uckamp,​ M. and Saito, F. and Schlegel, N. and Seroussi, H. and Shepherd, A. and Sun, S. and van de Wal, R. and Ziemen, F. A.},
 +TITLE = {Design and results of the ice sheet model initialisation experiments initMIP-Greenland:​ an ISMIP6 intercomparison},​
 +JOURNAL = {The Cryosphere},​
 +VOLUME = {12},
 +YEAR = {2018},
 +NUMBER = {4},
 +PAGES = {1433--1460},​
 +URL = {https://​​12/​1433/​2018/​},​
 +DOI = {10.5194/​tc-12-1433-2018}
 @article{Niuetal2019b,​ @article{Niuetal2019b,​
 author = {Niu, Lu and Lohmann, Gerrit and Gowan, Evan J.}, author = {Niu, Lu and Lohmann, Gerrit and Gowan, Evan J.},
Line 5: Line 17:
 doi = {10.1029/​2019GL083717},​ doi = {10.1029/​2019GL083717},​
 url = {https://​​doi/​abs/​10.1029/​2019GL083717},​ url = {https://​​doi/​abs/​10.1029/​2019GL083717},​
 +year = {2019},
 } }
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