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PIK developers and the "PISM-PIK" model


Processes like ice shelf calving and stress boundary conditions are important parts of marine ice sheet models, and sea level projections, due to their effect on the dynamics upstream of the grounding line. Developers at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), Germany, introduced modifications of PISM ice shelf and grounding-line dynamics with a special focus on modeling the Antarctic ice sheet-shelf system.

Specifically, these PIK developers created the Potsdam Parallel Ice Sheet Model, PISM-PIK, in 2008–2009 as a derived class of PISM stable0.2. After joint work with UAF developers, changes were made to the PISM base model in spring 2011 so that PISM-PIK capabilities were part of the stable0.4 release. These capabilities are now an integral part of PISM itself, and appear in the current and all future releases.

PIK-added features and applications include:

After adding capabilities to PISM, PIK then published these major modeling applications:

Here are three topical pages describing work using and developing PISM at PIK:

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