Documentation for PISM, the Parallel Ice Sheet Model

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Old PISM versions

For archival purposes, old PISM versions can be downloaded:

git clone -b stable0.7 git:// pism0.7   # released Spring 2015
git clone -b stable0.6 git:// pism0.6   #          Spring 2014
git clone -b stable0.5 git:// pism0.5   #          Spring 2012
git clone -b stable0.4 git:// pism0.4   #          Spring 2011
git clone -b stable0.3 git:// pism0.3   #          Spring 2010
git clone -b stable0.2 git:// pism0.2   #          Spring 2009
git clone -b stable0.1 git:// pism0.1   #          Spring 2008

See old news items for changelogs between the different stable versions 0.2→0.3→0.4→0.5→0.6→0.7. A changelog for 0.1→0.2 is here.

An ancient PISM home website (mid 2009) is here. We used to be hosted at “”, but that no longer exists (because git+github beat subversion+gna soundly). However, for deep time people, here from September 2005 is the entire source code for the program that would become PISM: icesource_091705.tar.gz

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