Documentation for PISM, the Parallel Ice Sheet Model

Theses, technical reports, and background references

These are publications which are related in some way to PISM. See the publications page for actual applications of PISM.


These are unpublished theses related to PISM.

  • Christopher G Dufour (2016) Improving the Performance of Ice Sheet Modeling Through Embedded Simulation. The University of Maine. web bibtex
  • D. M. Mullaly Jr. (2015) The influence of marine topography on the Antarctic ice sheet. Louisiana State University. web bibtex
  • L. Gillispie (2014) A temperature-only formulation for ice sheets. University of Alaska, Fairbanks. web bibtex
  • W. Mitchell (2012) Exact and numerical solutions for Stokes flow in glaciers. University of Alaska, Fairbanks. web bibtex
  • D. DellaGiustina (2011) Regional modeling of Greenland's outlet glaciers with the Parallel Ice Sheet Model. University of Alaska, Fairbanks. web bibtex

Technical reports

These documents are unpublished technical reports related to PISM.

  • E. Bueler (2007) An exact solution to the temperature equation in a column of ice and bedrock. web bibtex
  • E. Bueler, J. Brown (2006) On exact solutions and numerics for cold, shallow, and thermocoupled ice sheets. web bibtex
  • E. Bueler, C. S. Lingle, J. A. Kallen-Brown (2006) Computation of a combined spherical-elastic and viscous-half-space Earth model for ice sheet simulation. web bibtex
  • Ed Bueler (2003) Construction of steady state solutions for isothermal shallow ice sheets. UAF. web bibtex

Background of PISM design

These documents are helpful for understanding PISM's design but they do not represent applications of PISM. They are not documentation of either current or previous versions of PISM.

  • E. Bueler (2016) Stable finite volume element schemes for the shallow ice approximation. Journal of Glaciology 62 (232) pp. 230–242. doi bibtex
  • S. Khan, A. Aschwanden, A. A. Bjørk, J. Wahr, K. K. Kjeldsen, K. H. Kjaer (2015) Greenland ice sheet mass balance: a review. Rep. Prog. Phys 78 (4) doi bibtex
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  • G. Jouvet, E. Bueler, C. Graeser, R. Kornhuber (2013) A nonsmooth Newton multigrid method for a hybrid, shallow model of marine ice sheets. AMS Contemporary Mathematics (SCA 2012) 586 pp. 197–205. doi bibtex
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