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 +====== Study of Juneau Ice Field in Cambridge Core news ======
 +A recent PISM application [[http://​​10.1017/​jog.2016.13|Ziemen et al (2016)]] is covered by a [[https://​​core/​news/​alaska-could-lose-massive-icefield-by-2200|news item]] in Cambridge Core news.
 +The 4000 square km ice field in Southeast Alaska is well-known and accessible since its outlets are in the suburbs of the Alaska state capital, Juneau. ​ But climate data for the area are sparse.
 +Those model runs that agreed well with observations for 1971 to 2010 generated volume and area losses of more than half by 2099.  While co-author Regine Hock (UAF) is quoted as saying "The massive icefield that feeds Alaska’s Mendenhall Glacier may be gone by 2200 if warming trend predictions hold true,",​ the authors emphasize that spatially-distributed mass balance measurements and improved climate projections that resolve the local temperature and precipitation patterns are essential to solidifying these predictions.
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