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 +====== PISM stable0.3 is released ======
 +PISM version ''​stable0.3''​ is available. ​ See the [[:​stable_version|stable version page]] to check out a copy of the source code.  Send email to [[]] for help with any version of PISM.
 +Compared to ''​stable0.2'',​ the new version
 +  * uses a polythermal,​ enthalpy-based energy conservation scheme
 +  * includes improved atmosphere, surface processes and ocean model structure
 +  * puts all model parameters and physical constants in a configuration file which can be changed without re-compiling PISM
 +  * has a better {{:​manual.pdf|User'​s Manual}}
 +  * comes with a command-line option {{:​cheatsheet.pdf|Cheat-Sheet}}
 +  * has a better HTML {{http://​​doxy/​html/​index.html|PISM Source Code Browser}}
 +  * supports saving scalar, 2D and 3D diagnostics at given times during the run
 +  * allows climate forcing using spatially-varying "​anomalies"​ (near-surface air temperature and precipitation)
 +  * includes better metadata handling
 +  * can be stopped and restarted without affecting results of a run
 +  * has more software tests (including regression tests)
 +  * has an automatic vertical grid extension mechanism
 +  * performs area and volume calculations using WGS84 datum to correct projection error
 +  * makes the computation of the age of the ice optional, for efficiency
 +  * has easier-to-extend source code
 +  * comes with three worked examples: [[:​worked-searise-antarctica-uaf|Antarctica]],​ [[:​worked-searise-greenland|Greenland]],​ [[:​worked-storglaciaren|Storglaciaren]]
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