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PISM stable0.3 is released

PISM version stable0.3 is available. See the stable version page to check out a copy of the source code. Send email to for help with any version of PISM.

Compared to stable0.2, the new version

  • uses a polythermal, enthalpy-based energy conservation scheme
  • includes improved atmosphere, surface processes and ocean model structure
  • puts all model parameters and physical constants in a configuration file which can be changed without re-compiling PISM
  • has a better User's Manual
  • comes with a command-line option Cheat-Sheet
  • has a better HTML PISM Source Code Browser
  • supports saving scalar, 2D and 3D diagnostics at given times during the run
  • allows climate forcing using spatially-varying “anomalies” (near-surface air temperature and precipitation)
  • includes better metadata handling
  • can be stopped and restarted without affecting results of a run
  • has more software tests (including regression tests)
  • has an automatic vertical grid extension mechanism
  • performs area and volume calculations using WGS84 datum to correct projection error
  • makes the computation of the age of the ice optional, for efficiency
  • has easier-to-extend source code
  • comes with three worked examples: Antarctica, Greenland, Storglaciaren
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