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 +====== PISM 0.6.1 has bug fixes ======
 +Only fixes and improvements that should not break existing functionality are included in this release. We recommend updating from v0.6 unless you have a good reason against it.  Upgrade by doing "git pull" in the PISM source tree.  (Or get a new tagged "​.tar.gz"​ or "​.zip"​ at   ​[[https://​​pism/​pism/​releases|​pism/​pism/​releases]].) ​ Then do "make install"​ in the build directory.
 +For a full list of changes since v0.6, please see https://​​pism/​pism/​blob/​stable0.6/​
 +Send email to [[]] for help with any version of PISM.
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