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PISM at 5 years and r2000 on But we are moving!

As of 19 October 2011 we have committed 2000 revisions to PISM in the last five years, for an average of about one commit message per day. We can thank the generous public hosting of PISM at for this, and subversion too.

By the way, we are at least nine committers: Brown, Bueler, Khroulev, Shemonski, Aschwanden, Martin, Albrecht, Maxwell, Mengel. And quite a few other bug reporters and active users, too! Thanks to all.

But despite wallowing in nostalgia we are going to move source code hosts anyway!

The new host for PISM will be at github, and we will switch to using the git distributed version control system for managing PISM development. This is following the herd! However, with gna's unsigned certificate issues, and not quite keeping up to date, the UAF developers figure it is about time. We expect git will make improving the code easier after a bit of relearning version control. We will officially switch over pism-dev around November 1, but we will continue to host stable versions 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 through If you are a PISM project member at you will get an invitation to be a collaborator at the new github site. (Or you can request to be a collaborator at the PISM github site.) Until that invitation announcing the move, please continue to use the host for commits, bugs, and tasks.

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