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 +===== MPI-M Hamburg, Germany: open postdoc for coupled atmosphere-ocean-ice sheet model =====
 +The Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPI-M) contributes to the BMBF project "From the Last Interglacial to the Anthropocene:​ Modeling a Complete Glacial Cycle" [[https://​​|(PalMod,​]],​ which aims at simulating the climate from the peak of the last interglacial up to the present using comprehensive Earth System Models. ​ Phase II of this project has an open position Postdoctoral Scientist (W073). ​ The successful candidate will be part of a local team performing and analysing long-term transient simulations covering the last glacial and the transition into the Holocene with an interactively coupled atmosphere-ocean-ice sheet model. ​ Additionally,​ the candidate will contribute to the continued development of this model. ​ The model system consists of the MPI-Earth system model, the ice sheet model PISM, and the solid-earth model VILMA.
 +For further information regarding the job description,​ please contact Uwe Mikolajewicz (uwe.mikolajewicz(at) ​ Do not forward your application to this email address; see links at the [[https://​​en/​institute/​opportunities/​mpim-w073/​|official announcement]].
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