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Successful merge: PISM + PISM-PIK = (much better PISM!)

If you are following the development branch you know that much of the capability developed by Anders Levermann's group at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) is now in PISM. The former PISM-PIK branch of PISM stable0.2 has merged with PISM. This major merge means that PISM is now a joint UAF-PIK project. Both groups are committed to supporting the new capabilities as an open, documented model.

This means all PISM users get a much improved marine ice sheet model, with better ice shelf calving front physics especially.

Our target for release of stable0.4 is May 2011. It will contain the PISM-PIK improvements identified in Albrechts et al. (2011), Martin et al. (2010), and Winkelmann et al. (2010).

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