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Postdoc for ESM/PISM modeler (MPI-M Hamburg)

This is a re-posting of the CRYOLIST announcement from Uwe Mikolajewicz

The Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPI-M) is a multidisciplinary center for climate and Earth system research located in Hamburg, Germany. MPI-M contributes to the BMBF project “From the Last Interglacial to the Anthropocene: Modeling a Complete Glacial Cycle” (PalMod), which aims at simulating the climate from the peak of the last interglacial up to the present using comprehensive Earth System Models.

With respect to this research project, we have an open position for a

Postdoctoral Scientist (m/f, Ref. MPIM-W009)

The successful candidate will be part of a local team performing and analyzing transient simulations from the last Glacial to the Holocene with an interactively coupled atmosphere-ocean-ice sheet model. Additionally the candidate will contribute to the development of this model. The model system will consist of the MPI-Earth system model and the ice sheet model PISM.


  • A PhD in oceanography/meteorology/physics or a related science.
  • Experience in performing and analyzing experiments with a comprehensive earth system model or ice sheet model;
  • Strong motivation and ability to carry out model development in an interdisciplinary and international environment;
  • Ability and desire to work in a closely cooperating team;
  • Excellent communication skills and publication record;
  • Familiarity with coding and running computer models, very good programming skills in FORTRAN (on a Linux platform) and scripting;
  • Knowledge of the MPI-Earth system model or the ice sheet model PISM would be of advantage.

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Additional PhD Fellowships

For information on PhD Fellowships in Earth System Modeling at MPI-M, see

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