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-====== ​Contribution of the Greenland Ice Sheet to sea level over the next millennium ​====== +====== ​PISM and ISMIP6 ​======
- +
-The [[http://​​10.1126/​sciadv.aav9396|article by Aschwanden and others just published in Science Advances]] is supplemented by this [[https://​​LtpD-bAFQoc|excellent two minute visualization by the NASA Scientific Visualization Studio]]. +
- +
-{{ :​news:​aschwandenetal2019.png?​400|}} +
 +The UAF PISM developers are currently busy getting PISM ready for ISMIP6. We are implementing all the required parameterizations for Greenland and we are making it easy to output fields in the requested MKS system, use the ISMIP6 variable names and output the requested fields with a shorthand.
 +Stay tuned.
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