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AGU 2012

At the AGU Fall Meeting 2012, PISM was prominently featured in several oral presentations.

Speakers presenting PISM results in the video-taped session “C43F: Cryospheric Contributions to Sea Level Rise: Current Estimates and Projections” include

  • Andy Aschwanden: Greenland mass changes from 1960 to 2100: Hindcasting and forecasting with PISM and RACMO2/GR (starting at 40.0)
  • Bob Bindschadler: Ice-Sheet Model Sensitivities to Environmental Forcing and Their Use in Projecting Future Sea-Level (The SeaRISE Project) (starting at 1:32.0)
  • Sophie Nowicki: Future response of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets: the SeaRISE experiments (starting at 1:45.0)
  • Anders Levermann: Snowfall increases future ice discharge from Antarctica (1:57.0)

Watch the session online:

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