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 +====== PISM v1.0 is out ======
 +This release has substantial changes to the code base, but users will not see many large
 +differences. The goal of most code changes was to improve modularity and usability, making PISM easier
 +to use, maintain and extend.
 +User-visible changes include the following.
 +  * New mass transport code makes it easier to "​balance the books"​.
 +  * PISM's grids are no longer transposed (y,x versus x,y).
 +  * Adds an optimized implementation of the GPBLD flow law for the Glen n=3 case.
 +  * Adds von Mises calving.
 +  * Adds more diagnostic quantities (127 spatially-variable fields and 38 scalar variables in total).
 +  * Better code, better documentation,​ more regression and verification tests.
 +For a more complete list of changes since v0.7, please see [[https://​​pism/​pism/​blob/​b17bcd0c0bce5720736e2dad8317a8c9cd7b5706/​CHANGES.rst|CHANGES.rst]] in the source release.
 +If you already have a Git repository for PISM then upgrade by doing
 +  git fetch origin
 +  git checkout master
 +in the PISM source tree.  (Or get a new tagged ''​.tar.gz''​ or ''​.zip''​ at [[https://​​pism/​pism/​releases|​pism/​pism/​releases]].) ​ Then run
 +  make install
 +in the build directory.
 +Please see the [[http://​​sphinx/​installation/​|Installation Manual]] for detailed instructions.
 +Help with installation and usage is available through
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