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 +====== PISM v0.6.2 is out ======
 +This minor release fixes several bugs and adds PETSc 3.5.x support.
 +++++ Full list of changes since v0.6.1 |
 +  * Adds "​pressure",​ "​tauxz",​ "​tauyz"​ diagnostics (see [[https://​​pism/​pism/​issues/​280|#​280]]).
 +  * Adds PETSc 3.5 support. PISM 0.6.2 supports PETSc 3.3 through 3.5.2 (latest at the time of writing).
 +  * Fixes bug [[https://​​pism/​pism/​issues/​281|#​281]].
 +  * Implements "​-atmosphere one_station"​ which reads scalar time-series of near-surface air temperature and precipitation and uses them throughout the domain. This atmosphere model should be used with atmosphere "​modifiers"​ such as the lapse rate modifier.
 +  * Fixes ice discharge reporting (see commit 0859af56e).
 +  * Fixes handling of the units of the sub-shelf mass flux (see commit b1f5ed318).
 +  * Fixes bug [[https://​​pism/​pism/​issues/​299|#​299]].
 +  * Fixes an unreported bug in "​-ocean ...,​delta_SMB"​ (PISM crashed with this option).
 +If you have questions about installing or using PISM, you can reach UAF developers by sending an e-mail to [[]].
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