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NEWS: 2 postdocs at U. Alaska Fairbanks and 1 PhD studentship at U. Sheffield



Modeled ice flow speed on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington state, USA, for conditions near the LGM.

The Parallel Ice Sheet Model PISM v1.1 is open source and capable of high resolution. It has been widely adopted as a tool for doing science.

Features include:

Latest News

PISM (and other source codes) go into cold storage

In February they are going to put PISM in the bottom of an old coal mine in Svalbard:

GitHub Archive Program, with video.

But don't worry. Development continues.

2019/11/21 03:33 · Ed Bueler

Postdoctoral Scientist: ice-sheet/climate modeller at MPI-M (Hamburg)

The MPI-Earth group at MPI-M (Hamburg) is looking for a postdoc. PISM experience “would be of advantage”. For more information see the CRYOLIST post.

2019/06/17 23:28 · Ed Bueler


PISM is jointly developed at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks (UAF) and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). For more about the team see the UAF Developers and PIK Developers pages.

UAF developers, who are in the Glaciers Group at the GI, are supported by NASA's Modeling, Analysis, and Prediction and Cryospheric Sciences Programs (grants NAG5-11371, NNX09AJ38C, NNX13AM16G, NNX16AQ40G, NNX17AG65G) and by NSF grants PLR-1603799 and PLR-1644277.

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