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 +====== September 2014 ======
 +<div left 45% centeralign>​
 +[[http://​​nclimate/​journal/​vaop/​ncurrent/​full/​nclimate2226.html|{{:​news:​mengel2014-wilkes.png?​350 |}}]]
 +Click the image to go to //Nature Climate Change// journal page.
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 +| **Ice plug prevents irreversible discharge from East Antarctica** ||
 +| **investigators**:​ | [[http://​​~mengel/​|M. Mengel]] and A. Levermann|
 +| **journal**:​ | [[http://​​nclimate/​index.html|Nature Climate Change]] |
 +This paper uses PISM to define an "​ice-plug"​ which, if removed from the coastal ice in the Wilkes Basin of East Antarctica, would initiate irreversible retreat of the grounded ice in that basin. ​ The modeled retreats, which occur on a time scale of a few thousand years, generate 3--4 m of sea level rise from the region surrounding the basin. ​ Thus this basin is a potential "​tipping-point"​ ice sheet configuration,​ in additional to the better-known West Antarctica configurations. ​ For the PISM user this paper shows its ability to model an ice sheet region (hashed in figure) at high resolution across a range of ice dynamics parameters and climate forcing choices.
 +<WRAP clear></​WRAP>​
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