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 +====== November 2013 ======
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 +[[http://​​7/​987/​2013/​tc-7-987-2013.html |{{:​applications:​vanpeltetal2013.png?​200|}}]]
 +Click the image to go to the paper at The Cryosphere website
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 +| **An iterative inverse method to estimate basal topography and initialize ice flow models** ||
 +| **investigators**:​ | [[http://​​~pelt0108/​index.php|W. van Pelt]] and others|
 +| **journal**:​ | [[http://​|The Cryosphere]] |
 +A new inverse approach to reconstruct distributed bedrock topography and simultaneously initialize an ice flow model is proposed. The procedure runs PISM multiple times over a prescribed period, while being forced with space- and time-dependent climate input. ​ After each iteration bed heights are adjusted using information of the remaining misfit between observed and modeled surface topography. ​ Synthetic experiments with constant-climate forcing demonstrate convergence and robustness of the approach. ​ Application to Nordenski√∂ldbreen,​ Svalbard, forced with height- and time-dependent climate input since 1300 AD show a high correlation against radar-observed thicknesses. ​ Remaining uncertainties can be ascribed to inaccurate model physics, in particular, uncertainty in the description of sliding.
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