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 +====== October 2013 ======
 +<div left 45% centeralign>​
 +<div download>​
 +[[http://​​doi/​10.1002/​jgrf.20076/​abstract |{{:​applications:​nowickietal2013_searisespatialgreenland.png?​200|}}]]
 +Click the image to go to the paper at the J. Geophys. Res. (Earth Surface) website
 +<div right 45%>
 +| **Insights into spatial sensitivities of ice mass response to environmental change from the SeaRISE ice sheet modeling project II: Greenland** ||
 +| **investigators**:​ | [[http://​​csb/​personnel/​index.php?​id=334|S. Nowicki]] and others|
 +| **journal**:​ | [[http://​​journal/​10.1002/​(ISSN)2169-9011 |J. Geophys. Res. (Earth Surface)]] |
 +This second paper explores Greenland climate scenarios and forcing experiments from the 31 member [[http://​​isis/​index.php/​SeaRISE_Assessment|Sea-level Response to Ice Sheet Evolution (SeaRISE)]] project. ​ Although the
 +modeled responses are not always homogeneous,​ consistent spatial trends emerge from the
 +ensemble analysis, indicating distinct vulnerabilities of the Greenland ice sheet. There are
 +clear response patterns associated with each forcing (1. a change in oceanic condition, 2. a warmer atmospheric environment,​ and 3. enhanced basal lubrication). ​ Similar mass loss at the whole ice sheet scale will result in different mass losses at the regional scale. ​ All forcings lead to an increased mass loss for the
 +coming centuries, with increased basal lubrication and warmer ocean conditions affecting
 +mainly outlet glaciers, while the impacts of atmospheric forcings affect the whole ice sheet.  ​
 +Compare [[applications:​201309|the paper describing SeaRISE results for the Antarctic ice sheet]].
 +<WRAP clear></​WRAP>​
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