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October 2013

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Insights into spatial sensitivities of ice mass response to environmental change from the SeaRISE ice sheet modeling project II: Greenland
investigators: S. Nowicki and others
journal: J. Geophys. Res. (Earth Surface)

This second paper explores Greenland climate scenarios and forcing experiments from the 31 member Sea-level Response to Ice Sheet Evolution (SeaRISE) project. Although the modeled responses are not always homogeneous, consistent spatial trends emerge from the ensemble analysis, indicating distinct vulnerabilities of the Greenland ice sheet. There are clear response patterns associated with each forcing (1. a change in oceanic condition, 2. a warmer atmospheric environment, and 3. enhanced basal lubrication). Similar mass loss at the whole ice sheet scale will result in different mass losses at the regional scale. All forcings lead to an increased mass loss for the coming centuries, with increased basal lubrication and warmer ocean conditions affecting mainly outlet glaciers, while the impacts of atmospheric forcings affect the whole ice sheet.

Compare the paper describing SeaRISE results for the Antarctic ice sheet.

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