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May 2013

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Modelling the outlet glaciers terminating in Godthab fjord
investigators: Antje Fitzner and Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, Centre for Ice and Climate, Copenhagen
conference: IGS 2012 Fairbanks

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Can regional ice dynamics modeling help to understand the mass loss of the Greenland ice sheet through surface melting and flow into outlet glaciers (calving and basal melting), and estimate the fresh water flux into a fjord? This study considers an example, the outlet glaciers terminating in Godthab fjord, including glacier Kangiata Nunaata Sermia. surface mass balance and 2 m air temperature from RACMO and HIRHAM RCM output were

compared. The new PISM “regional” mode, the pismo executable in stable0.5, was applied. The model captures the high velocities near the terminus qualitatively, but even at high 2 km model resolution the distinct fast flowing arms are not well modelled, and the modelled velocities and fluxes are overall lower than than observed. The question remains: Are there are deep troughs in the bed topography where the surface velocity is very high?

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