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 +====== August 2012 ======
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 +[[http://​​10.1016/​j.quascirev.2012.05.004|{{ :​applications:​golledge2012-thumb.png?​200}}]]
 +Click on the thumbnail to go to the Quaternary Science Reviews journal site for this paper.
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 +| **Last Glacial Maximum climate in New Zealand inferred from a modelled Southern Alps icefield** ||
 +| **ice sheet**: | New Zealand (paleo) |
 +| **investigators**:​ | [[http://​​antarctic/​about/​staff/​nick-golledge|Nick Golledge]] and others |
 +| **venue**: | [[http://​​science/​journal/​02773791|Quaternary Science Reviews]] |
 +In an attempt to constrain the climate of the Last Glacial Maximum period (LGM, c. 30–20 ka before present), a simulation of the New Zealand Southern Alps icefield is presented. ​ PISM is applied at 500 m-resolution using empirical glaciological,​ climatological and geological data specific to the model domain, the entire icefield. ​ An LGM cooling of at least 6–6.5 °C is necessary to bring about valley glaciers that extend beyond the mountains. ​ However, climate–topography thresholds related to the elevation and hypsometry of individual catchments control the gradient of the rate of glacier expansion in the domain. ​ In order to remain within geologically-reconstructed LGM limits we find that the LGM cooling was most likely associated with a precipitation regime up to 25% drier than today.
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