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 +====== May 2012 ======
 +<div left 45% centeralign>​
 +<div download>​
 +[[http://​​6/​273/​2012/​tc-6-273-2012.pdf|{{ ​ applications:​levermannetal2012.png?​200}}]]
 +Click on the thumbnail to download the PDF (~3Mb).
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 +|  **Kinematic first-order calving law implies potential for
 +abrupt ice-shelf retreat** ​ ||
 +| **ice sheet**: | Antarctic ice shelves |
 +| **investigators**:​ | [[http://​​~anders/​|Anders Levermann and others]] |
 +| **venue**: | [[http://​​6/​273/​2012/​tc-6-273-2012.html|The Cryosphere]] |
 +Observed large-scale disintegration of Antarctic ice shelves has moved their fronts closer towards grounded ice, accelerating ice-sheet discharge and contributing to global sea-level rise.  Here we describe the first-order large-scale kinematic contribution to calving which is consistent with large-scale observation. ​  This calving law depends only on local ice properties which are, however, determined by the full topography of the ice shelf. ​ Simulations in PISM-PIK using the parameterization reproduces multiple stable fronts as observed for the Larsen A and B Ice Shelves, including abrupt transitions between them.  We also find multiple stable states of the Ross Ice Shelf.
 +<WRAP clear></​WRAP>​
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