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 +====== April 2012 ======
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 +[[http://​​journal/​58/​209/​t11J088.pdf|{{ ​ :​applications:​aschwandenetal2012.png?​200}}]]
 +Click on the thumbnail to get the PDF from the J. Glaciol. site.
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 +| **An enthalpy formulation for glaciers and ice sheets** ||
 +| **ice sheet**: | Greenland and other ice sheets |
 +| **investigators**:​ | [[http://​​people/​aschwanden|Andreas Aschwanden and others]] |
 +| **venue**: | [[http://​​|Journal of Glaciology]] |
 +Polythermal conditions are ubiquitous among glaciers and ice sheets. ​ Fortunately,​ temperature and liquid water fraction are functions of a single enthalpy variable: a small enthalpy change in cold ice is a change in temperature,​ while a small enthalpy change in temperate ice is a change in liquid water fraction. ​ The unified enthalpy formulation described in this paper models the mass and energy balance for the three-dimensional ice fluid, for the surface runoff layer and for the subglacial hydrology layer, together in a single energy-conserving theoretical framework. ​ It is implemented in PISM.  Results for the Greenland ice sheet are compared with those from a cold-ice scheme.
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