Documentation for PISM, the Parallel Ice Sheet Model

The PISM group at UAF

Constantine Khroulev

Research Professional, Geophysical Institute, UAF

Scientific programmer. Interests (within the project) include

  • parallel performance
  • usability
  • code robustness
  • visualization

Andy "doesn't use PowerPoint" Aschwanden

Research Assistant Professor, Geophysical Institute, UAF

Personal website: Andy @ GI

AKA “PISM User No. 1” which means I do my best to make all possible modeling mistakes before someone else does. When I'm not breaking PISM, I apply it to everything I can get an hand on: the Greenland ice sheet, individual drainage basins (e.g. Jakobshavn Isbrae), and even Storglaciären, the famous valley glacier in northern Sweden.

I like water, especially in its frozen and liquid states. If I can have both together, even better. Thus one of my areas of interest are polythermal glaciers, glaciers which have both cold ice (below the pressure melting point) and temperate ice (at the melting point, contains small liquid water fraction). Once referred to as “the enthalpy guy” during a conference“…

My main research focus is on furthering our understanding the large dynamical signals from the Greenland Ice Sheet, their links to the atmosphere and the ocean. As the past is the key to the future, I'm working with Mark Fahnestock and Joe MacGregor on interpreting radar layer stratigraphy. Also, I'm participating in the initMIP and ISMIP6 efforts.

Ed Bueler

bueler.jpg Professor of Mathematics (Applied), Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics and Geophysical Institute, UAF

Mark Fahnestock

Research Associate Professor, UAF

Former members

Marijke Habermann

  • PhD Geophysics, UAF 2013
  • PISM inversion tools and application to outlet glaciers

Martin Truffer

  • Associate Professor of Physics, UAF
  • project Co-I (2009-2013): glacier physics

Regine Hock

  • Professor of Geophysics, UAF
  • project Co-I: surface processes

David Maxwell

  • Associate Professor of Mathematics, UAF
  • project Co-I (2009-2013): inverse problems

Daniella Della Giustina

  • MS Computational Physics UAF, 2011

Jed Brown

  • Assistent Professor Computer Science CU Boulder
  • PhD 2011 VAW, ETH Zurich
  • MS Mathematics UAF 2006
  • put the P in PISM, not to mention the SSA and lots of other fundamentals

Craig Lingle

  • Prof. Emeritus of Geophysics
  • glaciologist, ice sheet modeler
  • PI of NASA Cryospheric Sciences grant which started PISM
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