PISM, A Parallel Ice Sheet Model  stable v1.2 committed by Constantine Khrulev on 2020-02-11 20:24:05 -0900

◆ apply_topg_offset()

void pism::bed::BedDef::apply_topg_offset ( const std::string &  filename)

Apply a correction to the bed topography by reading topg_delta from filename.

Definition at line 166 of file BedDef.cc.

References pism::IceModelVec2S::add(), pism::IceModelVec2S::create(), pism::CRITICAL, pism::Component::m_grid, pism::Component::m_log, m_topg, pism::IceModelVec::regrid(), pism::IceModelVec::set_attrs(), and pism::WITHOUT_GHOSTS.

Referenced by init_impl().