Documentation for PISM, the Parallel Ice Sheet Model

Latest release

The current release of PISM is pism0.7.

Source code

PISM is released as source code. To get started building PISM from sources, we suggest using git to obtain the code:

git clone git:// pism0.7

Using git means that we can easily distribute corrections (patches) to fix bugs.

Alternatively you can get a .tar.gz or .zip archive containing a tagged source code release.

See in the source code or the PDF Installation Manual for more on building from source.

There is also a rapidly-evolving development version.

Next steps

  1. Get a copy of the PDF User's Manual. It has several worked examples:
    • Section 1 Getting Started is a Greenland ice sheet model.
    • Simplified-geometry examples EISMINT II, MISMIP, MISMIP3d are in section 11.
    • A table-top laboratory simulation of an ice-like fluid is in subsection 12.1.
    • A Ross ice shelf model is in subsection 12.2.
    • A Jakobshavn regional model is in section 13.
  2. See the documentation overview page.
  3. Any question about PISM is welcomed at
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